Compare Versions

BimSens comes in 3 versions for professional use, and 1 version for personal & student use.

BimSens Perso

Totally free and fully featured, you just can’t share files with pros and use it to do business.

BimSens Pro

You have 3 options to go pro:

  • a free Viewer* (you need a licence file but it is free),
  • a cheap Author* version where you can edit the data, and
  • an outrageously expensive – yet totally worth it – Admin version that allows you to configure everything for Viewers and Authors.

How to Choose?

View & interact with data, including colour filtering
Edit the data directly, using forms, data transfers and actions
Configure environments including data connections, colour filters, data transfers, ID match etc.
Read protected configuration files
Write protected configuration files
Read unprotected configuration files
Write unprotected configuration files
Use for business
Stand Alone free free, all you can eat, with any Author or Admin* $60**
Server NA free, all you can eat, with any Author or Admin* $300**


If you don’t feel like sending money to the cloud with no guarantee, you can flick us an email instead, we’ll get in touch and arrange for temporary licences and an invoice if needed.

*With Pro versions, unless you have been given a pre-configured BimSens file, you need at least one Admin licence to get started and configure new connections.

**Prices are per year per seat; Each Stand Alone seat is locked for a single computer, a Server seat is floating: it can be used by any user, one at a time.