Rail Depot – Queensland, Australia

This project is a rail maintenance depot in Queensland with an important network of underground services, overhead wiring and a massive train depot with extremely tight construction tolerances.

The project was setup with BIMSens from the beginning, using a combination of Primavera P6 and a SQL server to achieve the team requirements. The construction programme from P6 was synchronized daily to a SQL server where planners and project engineers could status activities following ‘rules of credit’ break down of the progress. This allowed an evaluation of the tasks progress based on measurable and verifiable metrics, rather than subjective evaluations on site.


NGRS - 4D Progress Report Zoom


The BIMSens setup was a 2 ways connection to the SQL server, with a few functions to manage rules of credits for each activity, and the ability to progress each step with measured achieved quantities directly from BIMSens. Planners and site engineers were able to select elements from the model, immediately see related activities and steps, and update them. Planners alone had the permissions to create, edit or delete rules of credits for activities.

A Step by Step tutorial on how to set up a similar BIMSens system is featured in the Walkthrough section of BIMSens User Manual

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